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Our Veal & Lamb Farms

We are the largest vertically integrated veal and lamb company in North America. The Fontaine family has been farming and producing veal and lamb for generations. Now Fabien, Donald and Alexandre Fontaine oversee an organization that manages veal and lamb production from farm to fork. The family has invested millions of dollars to ensure the company has the best and most advanced veal facilities in North America. 

Our farming operations start with Delimax. Our producers are experts in their field and passionate about what they do. They are committed to providing safe, clean, and healthy environments designed to produce high quality veal and lamb—raised humanely. That’s why our animals are group raised and untethered, and free to socialize in the newest, state-of-the-art barns.

The Delimax team includes—in addition to producers—agronomists, veterinarians, technologists and scientists in order to maintain the highest standards­—from procurement and raising to housing and transportation. Modern technology and equipment are employed to help provide a safe environment for animals while protecting the natural environment. We continuously work to minimize the ecological footprint of our agricultural operations.